Nandita Das

Learning is child’s play

Jalebi | Car Park | Roll Call

The Story

These 60-second public spots Jalebi & A Car Park and Roll Call aim to encourage school education. Jalebi & A Car Park expresses a child’s desire to learn in spite of losing interest in formal education. It implores educators to foster this yearning and bring innovations in teaching. Roll Call is about the many “missing children" who do not get the opportunity to be in school, and are instead forced into child labour. It robs them of their right to have a holistic childhood.

Supported by: The Social Initiative Group of the ICICI (Jalebi and Car Park)

Supported by: UNICEF (Roll Call)

Year : 2003

Language : Hindi & English

Jalebi and A Car Park

Roll Call

A Car Park


Roll Call

Virata Parvam


Director: Udugula Venu

Language: Telugu

Character Name: Shakuntala

Key Cast: Kundan Alexzed, Chakrapani Ananda, Banerjee

Feastivals and Awards: NA

Film Stills: 9

BTS: 11